Thursday, November 24, 2005


Have you ever dreamt a drum that sounds like heaven?
We did it todayŠ
Unfortunately the song sucksŠ


Blogger MANGRØVE said...

Hey shit when i write this:
it writes this:

9:29 AM

Blogger ØVER said...

yeah, too bad !!

9:43 AM

Blogger ØVER said...

so... this sucking son ?? this morning I was hanged out by insomnia so I listen music for the Ghost Project... Hey, VENTØLIN any news from Mugison ?? did he sing on it ??

9:46 AM

Anonymous MM said...

Hey what's this Ghost Projetc about ? I've heard about it before!

12:03 PM

Blogger ØVER said...

it's on the way Melvil ! it's on the way... ;-)

4:53 AM

Anonymous MM said...

Haven't told anyone about it before, I swear, but now that YOU talk about it, I'm all the more curious... ;))

5:07 AM

Blogger ØVER said...

...ehehe be patient !!

5:11 AM

Blogger MANGRØVE said...

Well, is the ghost P. perfect for an insomnia?
Any news from Miss L.S.?

5:39 AM

Blogger MANGRØVE said...

Hey wait a minute! It's the PHANTOME Project man…
Unless we don't speak about the same project???

7:11 AM

Blogger ØVER said...


1:46 AM

Blogger MANGRØVE said...

FANTOMAS ain't sound like shit man!

2:36 AM

Blogger ØVER said...


2:04 AM

Blogger ØVER said...

[ I contacted a danish new one ehehe ]

2:06 AM

Blogger MANGRØVE said...

Go ahead, man, go ahead!

3:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:33 AM

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