Friday, September 09, 2005

HEY... WHAT's THIS ???

Tell me what's this ???
and win a Telescopic single !!


Anonymous MM said...

Looks like some sort of disco-ball, or a Friday 13th mask... but I guess it's probably none of these...

4:54 AM

Blogger ØVER said...

not so far away... try again !

8:33 AM

Blogger arckh said...

mm... black metal with holes...
I think that only know two possible things.
A stool or a thing for put something in fire (i don't know the name in english.. or french!)

12:44 PM

Anonymous MM said...

Yeah, I thought of a stool too (or a hockey helmet ??!)... The thing to fry things is called a "diable" in French, Arckh, and that might fit indeed... ;)

4:06 PM

Blogger ØVER said...

OK !! you're not so far !! try again...

12:44 AM

Anonymous lisa said...

looks like one of them black public pay phone receivers here in the States...although they also come in bright banana yellow, dirt, and chewed bubblegum.

2:44 PM

Anonymous MuSiK said...

It's a strainer ????

3:07 AM

Anonymous MM said...

Or maybe a sportscar seat, or a mic screen, or a disbodied amp front, or a backstage link, or a desk light, or all of these -- a sportscar luminous amp front ? -- or still probably none of these, but not so far ?

4:03 AM

Blogger ØVER said...

you're so closed... ok, it's an old tractor seat !!
(a special birthday gift made by Mangrøve...)
let's say you all win !! gimme your adress at : if you want me to send you a CD single !

4:29 AM

Blogger ØVER said...

...ok... ok... my girlfriend who made the photo told me that was not the tractor seat but... ...a strainer !...gosh... (how stupid I am) (sometimes...) (shame on me) so congratulations Musik ! you're the real winner !! anyway as said before, you ALL WON !!!

12:29 PM

Anonymous MuSiK said...

hehehe... yeah !!!

3:03 PM


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