Saturday, July 02, 2005


Back from Paris / nice little trip
/ Mangrøve's sister invited us in a japanese restaurant : first sushis !
/ early in the morning as the bar closed, a girl catch me in the street and wanted to kiss me...
/ very cool photo session with the famous Claude Gassian and Amélie
/ fanzine and cd gifts with fantastic Mr Dumez
/ talking future about music with our label
/ I missed our last rendez-vous, finally too late ! earlier train...


Blogger MANGRØVE said...

no really it was your first sushis???
Well it was my second time man!!!
eeeh ehh h

12:03 AM

Blogger ØVER said...

anyway it was delicious !! thanks Fan !

12:54 AM

Blogger MANGRØVE said...

Yeah thank you sweetie…
Remember the bulldog sauce?
Wow delicious…

10:35 AM


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